To all nature and wildlife lovers, this category is dedicated to you. Whether it's for you or for one of your loved ones, it's the ideal gift to offer for any special occasion or simply to please. You will find in our selection of designs of cat, dog, horse, octopus, lion, etc. You just have to discover them ;)

Why choose Because, hello, the manufacturing is French! And that has many advantages. It allows us to offer you high quality lamps thanks to our high technology laser cutter and to deliver you very quickly. All the design, cutting, engraving of the materials, assembly of the lamp are made in our workshop with love by our technicians and computer graphics designers. You should also know that our bases light up thanks to LED technology, which allows our products to have a low power consumption and a long life span.

All our models are equipped with warm white LEDs and are delivered ready to plug in. And yes, we take care of you ;-) The little extra of our lamps: The wooden base can be engraved on all models.

How do our lamps work? It's very simple! Just plug it in and press the "ON/OFF" button. You can even adjust the light intensity of our frames by pressing the "+" and "-" buttons. Then the light will do its job. It will naturally go to work on the print and reveal the design.

And if you can't find what you're looking for in our selection, you can also customise your own photo lamp! Whether it's for yourself, an association or a company, we are here for you. As we produce everything in our French workshop in the Loiret region, it is very easy for us to adapt to your needs. So don't hesitate to contact us for all your projects, whether it's for a one-off or a series production. We will bring your lighting project to life.

USB adapter for 220V socket

USB adapter for 220V socket

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Supply all our lamps and light frames directly with 220V. Insert the USB plug and plug the adapter into any 220V socket. Quick and easy!
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