Customised photo lamps

3d personalised photo lamp: the perfect gift for any occasion!

The 3d personalised photo lamp is the perfect gift for any occasion. It is unique and can be personalised with a photo and a message. It's a gift that will please everyone and stay with them for a long time. With the 3d personalised photo lamp, you are sure to make an original gift that is sure to please.

This light lamp is fully customisable. You can write a message, a date, a photo..

in short, anything you want! Moreover, it is suitable for all occasions:

birthday, Christmas, Valentine's Day..

So don't wait any longer and give the person of your choice a personalised 3d photo lamp! You'll be sure to please them by taking the time to personalise their gift.

The 3D photo lamp is bright and can be used as a decoration. Whether it's for Father's Day, a birthday or even Christmas, the 3D photo lamp is sure to make an impact.

A 3D photo lamp is the perfect gift for any occasion!

It will make the gift even more special and unique. If you're looking for a personalised gift, the 3D photo lamp is for you.

You can choose the photo you want to engrave, but also the shape of the lamp.

The lamp is made of acrylic with a wooden or other support, which makes it very durable. You can therefore give it as a gift to all the people around you, without fear of it breaking.

Original and personal gift

You can give it to a loved one for his/her birthday, Valentine's Day or any other occasion. He or she will be delighted to receive this original and personal gift.

This way you can create a unique and unforgettable object. It's a gift that doesn't cost much and is sure to please.

You can personalise your 3D photo lamp by adding a company or club logo. In fact, giving a personalised 3D photo lamp is a great way to show your originality and be sure to please.

Personalised 3D photo lamp: the ideal gift for photo lovers!

For a recipient who loves photos, this lamp is perfect.

Simply choose a photo, upload it to the website and you're done! Your personalised 3D photo lamp is ready to be given as a gift.

It's unique and original, and most importantly, it's made from your favourite photos.

3D photo lamps, an original and unique gift

The result is an original and unique lamp, perfect for illuminating the room of your choice.

Remember your best moments by inserting a photo and watching it glow in the dark. 3D photo lamps are an ideal gift for any occasion, as they offer a wide range of design and customisation options. They are a great way to show your affection and appreciation to your loved ones.

3D photo lamps are available in a variety of sizes, shapes and colours, allowing you to choose the model that best suits your needs. 3D Photo Lamps are a great gift for any occasion, as they allow people to remember the best moments of their lives.

Give a 3D photo lamp to your friends and family!

Simply upload your photo directly into our simulator from your smartphone or computer. You can edit it and place it as you wish.

From there, you can have a whole range of gifts, such as a personalised baby nightlight or a lamp with a family portrait in shimmering colours that can be seen in the night.

LOVE personalized photo lamp made in France

LOVE RONDE photo lamp on oval wooden base

In stock
The photo lamp with its round and heart design is the perfect gift for your loved one, whether it's for Valentine's Day or just to make them happy.
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Customised lamp with your favourite photo engraved

LOVE DATE photo lamp on oval wooden base

In stock
Have you had an unforgettable day with your loved one? Immortalise this moment by engraving a souvenir photo and its date on the "LOVE DATE" personalised photo lamp.
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Personalized photo lamp Love

LOVE TIMBRE photo lamp on oval wooden base

In stock
The "LOVE TIMBER" photo lamp is the perfect gift to send love to someone special. With its photo and customisable names, it can be adapted to suit all your wishes.
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Customised Plexiglas photo lamp with wooden LED base

HEXAGON & FLOWER photo lamp on oval wooden base

In stock
Immortalise a memory by engraving a photo of your choice on a plaxiglass plate and illuminate it on the customisable "HEXAGON & FLOWER" Photo Lamp.
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Personalised baby photo lamp

Personalized BEBE photo lamp on oval wooden base

In stock
To celebrate a birth, count on the 3D Photo Lamp "BABY" by engraving a photo of your choice and also personalizing the base with a text of your choice.
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