Rectangular PHOTO key ring, illuminated RGB
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Rectangular PHOTO key ring, illuminated RGB

Take a photo that means a lot to you with you on every trip with our customisable illuminated key ring. Load your photo and we'll engrave it directly onto the rectangle-shaped Plexiglas. Press the button and bring your photo to life with the integrated colour-changing LED system.

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Customised rectangular key ring with PHOTO engraving on Plexiglas

Do you want to immortalise a memory, a photo, in an original way and make a unique gift? The engraved rectangular key ring is the ideal accessory!

Offer an original and 100% personalised gift!

For any special event or simply to offer an original and unique gift.

Simply upload your photo above in "Photo to be engraved". Our team of illuminators will engrave it on Plexiglas using our high precision laser cutter. And yes, everything is made in France in our Loirétain workshop :-)

To light your key ring nothing could be easier! You just have to activate the side push button. It's a safety device that blocks the light so that it doesn't go off without your permission. To change the colours and launch animations, you just have to press the little push button on the top. The result is totally hypnotic!

This illuminated personalised PHOTO key ring works with a button battery which is included. Your rectangle key ring is ready to use straight away!

Photo quality for engraving:

To get the best quality engraving, make sure you send us a good quality photo. The quality of the engraving depends on the quality of your photo. To check the quality of your photo, try zooming in on a specific area: if the image remains sharp and does not deteriorate, then it is of good quality. On the other hand, if the image becomes pixilated, blurred, then this pixilated effect is likely to be reflected in the print.

Qualité de la photo pour une gravure de qualité

Also think about the format of your image! As the keyring is slightly rectangular in shape, a portrait format photo will be most suitable. If you have a picture in another format, make sure that the main elements of the picture are grouped together enough to fit into the shape of the keyring and ensure an optimal result.

Production time:

It takes 24 hours from the time the photo is processed (more or less time depending on the quality of the photo sent) to the time the personalised key ring is made. Then count on 24 to 72 hours for delivery, depending on the carrier chosen. But you can also choose to pick up your key ring in person in our shop and say hello to us on the way!

100% French manufacturing :

The key rings, like all the products on LampePhoto3D, are made in our premises near Orleans in the Loiret region. We make them to order and take care of the finishing touches on each one. In short, each key ring is meticulously made by the small expert hands of our French employees :-)

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